We all know the saying – when life hands you lemonade, make lemonade.  What do you make when life hands you cancer?  The answer, apparently, is everything you can.

It has continued to be quiet here as we’ve had some big changes in the past month and a half.  We finally moved into our house, officially settling into our new hometown.  Along the way throughout the weekends of hauling boxes and furniture, a pesky cough kept bugging me.  Once the moving was done, the unpacking commenced.  After many exhausting evenings and long weekend days, our house finally looked like a home.  Our home.  But still, that pesky cough continued.  Labor Day weekend came and with it, a five year anniversary.  B and I celebrated our marriage with the best of them, treating ourselves to a luxurious couples massage and a wonderful five course tasting for our celebratory dinner.  Then, I crashed. 

Completely void of energy, struggling to breathe and generally feeling awful, I went to the doctor again and again until I finally got a chest x-ray.  Turns out, something was wrong.  A CT scan revealed a mass in my lung around which my lung had collapsed.  A hospital stay and a few biopsy procedures revealed the worst – I have lung cancer.  Not what you’d expect to hear as an otherwise healthy 30 year old non smoker.  But, life hands you a few curveballs every now and then, and this one was a whopper.  The prognosis is good, the support we have is amazing, and I’m eternally grateful to and in love with my wonderful groom who has been a rock throughout the emotional rollercoaster ride we’ve been on the past few weeks.

Needless to say, it is going to continue to be quiet around here for a while.  I hope to have the strength and the inspiration to cook some amazing things over the winter months and if I do, I’ll share with you here.  In the interim, we’re stockpiling with every good freezeable item we can think of to carry us through the dark days when I struggle for energy.  But spring will come – it always does.  And when the world begins to spring forth with new life, I’ll be right there with the trees and the flowers.  I’ll hopefully be sprouting a few new hairs by then and will be able to step away from the dark, cold winter and into a new year with a new purpose and a renewed appreciation of how wonderful life truly is.

Wishing you good health and hoping you are surrounded by those you love,

– j

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One thought on “hibernation

  1. Jen-You are an amazing strong beautiful young woman whom I have learned so many things from…in the kitchen anyways. You will continue to be a strong beacon of light to all who know you. I know you will win this battle and come out the other side ready and willing to plant your spring garden. Love, peace, & happiness to you. All my best, Pattie Stock in Des Moines

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