Peach Fuzz

I was having a really great day.  It was Friday, the official kickoff to the weekend was only hours away, it was sunny and 80 degrees – it just doesn’t get much better.  Then I went to the doctor.  Buzz  killed.  It was time for my four week follow up with radiation.  He asked me all of the usual “how are you doing?” questions and I answered positively for all.  Then it came to the hair.  I haven’t seen much in the way of hair growth following radiation and had been paranoid that I would be one of “those people” who didn’t have hair come back after treatment.  At all.  So, I pulled the scarf off of my head and he took a good look.  His next few words made my stomach drop.  “I’m pessimistic about your hair growth.  If you don’t see anything more in the next two months, this will be the permanent state of your scalp.”

Gulp.  31 years old, female, and bald.  Not quite what I had in mind for my recovery.  I realize that I have made a major recovery from a pretty scary kind of cancer.  But allow me to be vain for just a bit.  I never wanted to look like a cancer patient in the first place, and I certainly never wanted to do so on a permanent basis.  I asked what more I could do to encourage hair growth.  Vitamins?  Diet?  Nope.  Nothing I could do.  The saying goes when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right?  Well, when I want peach fuzz, I’m going to make a peach cocktail.  And take drastic measures.  Friends, today I bought Rogaine.  Well, the Target version.  That stuff is expensive!

So here I go on my hair growth journey.  I’m taking pre-natal vitamins, a super B-complex vitamin, eating more protein, having my thyroid checked out, and using Rogaine.  Giddy up.  I will have hair again if I have anything to say about it.  It seems my doctor might have been a little premature in his assessment too.  Phew.  Most of the medical sites and patient forums I saw online indicated 3 months to a year before hair was really growing again.  So, it sounds like I have a while to wait and that I’d better purchase a few more caps and scarves in light, breathable fabrics to get me through the sweltering summer.  And maybe I’ll have to make a few more of these to get me through the summer too.  Just call it my “rain dance” cocktail – but for hair.

sparkling peach melba

recipe:  jb’s pour house

1/2 bag frozen unsweetened peaches or 3 ripe fresh peaches, sliced

6 oz. raspberries

1/4 c. sugar

1 bottle Asti, chilled

1/2 c. vanilla cognac (or make your own)

Combine peaches, raspberries and sugar in a mixing bowl.  Carefully toss and let fruit macerate for about 20-30 minutes.  Working in batches, puree fruit in a food processor or blender.  Place puree in a pitcher.  Slowly add half of the Asti to the puree, as the Asti will bubble and fizz quite a bit.   Stir, and add half of the cognac.  This will cause the fizz to dissipate.  Slowly add the remaining half of the Asti.  Add the remaining cognac.  Stir well and chill until ready to serve.

Raising a glass to hair,

– j

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tipsy golfer

Man, it is hot.  Our little apartment has the benefit of being on the second floor, above a bay of garages, with the blazing western sun beating into the few windows during the late afternoon hours.  After multiple maintenance requests, we were finally told that the second floor apartments struggle to maintain anything cooler than 70 degrees during the summer.  Ha!  We’re lucky if our thermostat dips below 80.  Thank goodness there is a pool in our complex…

So it was with much anticipation for air conditioner awesomeness that B and I climbed into the car and headed back to our former hometown to check on our little house with its forlorn “for sale” sign and to visit with friends and family.  Wouldn’t you know our luck?  Midway through night one (the coolest of the weekend), the condensor motor decides to go to Appliance Heaven and we’re stuck in a house with no screens.  Morning dawned hot and sticky and the neighborhood children covered their ears as I fought with the screens on our ancient double hung windows amidst a steady stream of profanity.  The effort and frustration proved to be more than my sweat glands could bear, and I retreated to the cool basement leaving B to fight with the last of the devil-spawn screens in our bedroom.

In weather like this, I can’t seem to get enough liquids.  Mind you, there is plenty of ice water to be had, but sometimes I want to spruce it up a bit.  *Blasphemous statements ahead*  When the sun is beating overhead and the apartment is a balmy 85 degrees without hope of a breeze, I can’t seem to find joy in my glass of supposed-to-be-cool room temperature red wine.  And while a nice cold beer does the trick on round 1, any future attempts at quenching my thirst with another leaves me with a full stomach and a still unslaked thirst.  It appears I am beered out.  I told you, blasphemy indeed!

There is one beverage that I adore once the summer sun dances in the blue sky – lemonade.  When I am searching for an adult version, I do enjoy a vodka lemonade, but I had my fair share on the floor of the dance clubs during my college days.  My poor liver…  Instead, today as I wandered through the aisles of the grocery store, filling my cart with fixins for many “no-cook” and grill-ready meals this week (read: no way am I turning on that blasted oven), I passed an end cap filled with Arizona teas – among them, the Arnold Palmer.

Now I don’t know much about Mr. Palmer’s personal beverage preferences beyond the half iced tea-half lemonade concoction bearing his name, but I would like to think that he’d appreciate a grown up version once he was finished with the back nine (or maybe before he started the back nine?).  Lucky for me, there is a liquor store right next to the grocery store stocked with multiple sweet tea vodkas, and I was off to the races.  When I returned to the apartment to see the dog passed out on the linoleum floor, desperate for a cool respite, and B closing the shades to the punishment of the afternoon sun, I knew it was time for a Tipsy Golfer.  Or two.

tipsy golfer

recipe:  jb’s pour house

2 oz. sweet tea vodka of your choice (but how can you pass up one with Carolina in the name?!)

2 oz. lemon vodka

1/2 c. lemonade

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Add 2 oz. sweet tea vodka, 2 oz. lemon vodka, and fill the glass the rest of the way with lemonade (about 1/2 cup).  Stir, garnish with lemon slice if desired, then enjoy as beads of condensation run down your glass.

Cheers, friends, stay cool!

– j

All content and photographs © 2010 – 2011 jb’s pour house

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