J, the foodie, spends her days in corporate America and her nights and weekends smooching the cheeks of the couple’s infant son, E.  In a former life, J moonlighted as a personal chef/cooking class instructor.  As a culinary adventurer, J is always trying new ingredients and new recipes, to the chagrin of her husband.  He never has an answer to “what do you want for dinner?” as the same thing never makes a repeat appearance on their kitchen table.  In her new role as Mother, she must now learn how to balance her gourmand tendencies with a working parent’s schedule.

B, the wino, also spends his days in the land of cubicles and fills his nights and weekends with wine, craft beers, making funny faces at his son, and mountain biking.  Entirely self-taught regarding wine, B’s knowledge of the grape and its glorious transformation into wine is impressive without being stuffy.  B prefers to stray from the 100 point scale and looks at a wine for who will like it and what it will go with, rather than what  the conglomerates say you should think about it.


Together, we’re learning how to merge our pre-parenthood selves with our new reality.  Diapers, belly laughs, wine glasses, and sauté pans are all part of our craziness.  Join us for our adventures in love, parenthood and dinner.